Interesting article and my thoughts....(Personal)

I have seen a lot of posts, I have seen my friends and family and fellow entrepreneurs struggle and worry about finances; do we buy food or pay the rent?. I know of many friends, family and acquaintances who are fighting this disease. I have family and friends who are on the front lines watching people die and come home in fear to spread to their loved ones.

This article, is worth the time to read. I don't care where you are in the political spectrum, it doesn't matter. Because this, what we are going through, should have NOTHING to do with politics. It should have to do with our human rights-our humanity, our mother earth, our neighbors, our family, and the world. Its a wake up call.

I see all those complaining that they are home, can't do this, can't do that. But what I rarely see.... what I have come to realize, among MANY THINGS, but this one thing I realized the other day, is how grateful I am. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my neighbors, my community. With out them, I would be struggling on so many levels. What I see is that by being forced to SLOW down and not work as much, I have had more time to reach out to my friends and loved ones. I have had more time with my daughter who has been on a serious roller coaster for the past 4 months since her dad Passed (shoot even the year before) and now I have time to be more in tuned to her and her needs, I have time to work diligently on my relationship with Robert, I have time to train Emma, I have time to refocus and work on my education and business.  Simply, in all that, I have slowed down and opened my eyes and educated myself in all that I am passionate about and finally took time to breathe. 

I challenge you all, to take a moment and look around. There is a quote "where ever you go there you are". Well, now is the time, focus on where you are, and look to this opportunity the universe is giving us-to see what we all need to change and learn from this experience. I guarantee, if you take a moment and look at the possible gifts this is bringing us you will understand that we need to take this war, beat it, learn from it, and come out of it changed forever. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This Article says a lot.... Please Read it with an open mind.  "Prepare for the ultimate Gaslighting"