A blessing maybe... I think so.

This is a blessing that maybe right now you can’t see.  Let me tell you why this might be the perfect time for you…

Honestly, I know that this is an uncertain time and emotions are running high.  We are providing as much support, motivation and even free workouts to help you stay sane during this time. We are really showing up for you and our community the best we can. I know its hard but lets do everything we can to stay active not only for our physical health but our mental health as well.

And if you think about it- it’s exactly what you wanted or maybe needed...

More time with your family – yup.

More time with your loved ones- yup.

Time at home and time to look after and care for your home- yup.

And more time to focus on you- moving your body and cooking and preparing food.

No more school runs or empty time driving to and from the gym.

That time you wanted to work on your hobby or read more- yup.

And I honestly think it’s also the perfect time to focus on you and why not use this time to get in your best shape yet!

If you want some free workouts we got you covered…From printable workouts, zoom live, videos, and facebook live for the whole family....

For more information visit us at :
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For a small donation ($5) we have LIVE ZOOM Classes too:
Circuit Strength with weights and Tabata. Just follow us on Facebook for links

just know that whatever you need... we got you. If you need anything beyond this please reach out to me. Email me at: timilee@timilee.com or message me through Facebook.  I am here for you.