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I imagine you're sitting there, with so many mixed feelings right now.  Each one of you is in different situations, but one thing in common is that we all have to figure out how to survive and get through this.  With all the scary information out there, and misinformation, and even downplayed information its all confusing. Our heads are spinning on what to believe and what not to believe and then figure out what do we do. As a society, as a community, as a family.... what do we do and how can we manage all the emotions that come with these confusing and stressful times?

On Tuesday, It was reported and mandated by the Governor of Michigan that ALL Gyms close down.  Then there was information that we should avoid groups of 50 then 10, no wait.... now we should be isolated and on lockdown.  My head was spinning. I own a very small Personal Training studio in a very small town.  My family however are spread all over the country from the East coast to the West coast and between. What they are going through is different than what is going on here in my community. And I have been just spinning with mass information trying to figure out what is what all while I am trying to figure out what the mandate closure meant to my business.  So I seriously at one point, as I got messages and calls from my clients and members concerned, dropped to my knees and cried. 

I was crying and upset for many reasons. Obviously worried that this shutdown could and can potentially put me out of business. But more so because my heart was breaking for everybody who walks through my doors.  I said this before, and I will say it again, to many my business is their safe place and anti-depressant.  I got message after message and continue to get messages from people about how they are struggling.  See what I didn't realize, or maybe I knew, but didn't truly grasp is that my business connected people in many ways.  I created this space to teach others the understanding that strength, both physical and mental are DEEPLY connected. There are days where we are stronger with one more than the other, but both seriously important.   I have taught many that when there is something physical that you are afraid to do this is when your mental strength can take over.... and I will tell you the same goes the other way. There have been times that my mental health has been crap.... but if I physically and I mean physically get up and put one foot in front of the other and keep doing what needs to be done....and move my body my mental health starts to catch up and then I tell myself... I GOT THIS! 

THAT is what we need to do right now.  We need to physically get moving, get off the couch and move....stop surfing the internet for answers or numbers on Covid-19, stop binging on the tv or even food for that matter, take a break from homeschooling your kids and just move and be creative.  So I am sure you are thinking.. easier said than done right-I am stuck at home.... well here are some answers for you both for your physical health and Mental Health.

1. GO FOR A WALK- You heard me. Go outside, be 6ft away from people, and walk. Drive to a park or public garden or whatever you have near you and Walk.
3. GARDEN here in Michigan that isn't really an option yet for outside but maybe go to your local hardware store and get supplies and plant some seedlings. Get your kids involved.
4. EXERCISE  I have been posting on my business page as well as Instagram workouts both written and video.... also posting other fun things to get involved in so get involved. Also, if you are local we have a Youth program (that is halted) that we are making posts for kids too. If you follow A Moment on the Mat she is doing online live Yoga..Demi is amazing. Message her to join in on her classes.
5. WRITE  take the time and journal... there are many great sites like Blogger or wordpress that you can digitally journal in if you don't have a blank notebook at home or available.
6. COOK OR BAKE... and get your kids involved too....
7. TEACH your kid how to do chores... you have more time... so teach them.. how to work the laundry machines, how to fold clothes, load the dishwasher, mop and sweep, vacuum, rake outside...whatever your house and yard needs.... you have the time to teach them important things that maybe you just chocked up to "they are too young" or "they won't do it right so I might as well do them" whatever it is... Teach is like a home ec class and have fun with it.
8. BE CREATIVE paint, draw, create.. rip up old magazines and make a vision board. 
9. TAKE A SELFIE (lol) I laugh at this but I am kinda serious. Dress up, do your hair and makeup, get fancy with a suit and tie... and then take a selfie...Go outside and take beautiful pictures of your children all dressed up... maybe even let them get dressed up and then get dirty. Make memories in your own photo shoot and have fun.

Those are just some ideas I have.... no matter what though if there is just one thing you do... BREATHE.....take a moment, go outside on your porch and take a deep breath for a moment and tell yourself that YOU GOT THIS! Then GO and kick ass at this thing we call life. 

(If anybody needs anything please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I have a great community full of amazing people and resources. Do NOT feel alone in this, I am here for you.)


  1. Very well said Timilee! You are an amazing and strong woman. You will get through this as you have with every other obstacle you've overcome. And thank you for all the suggestions to keep active and productive.

    1. Thank you! I am a warrior!! lol. Stay well and strong yourself!


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