Fun Workout for For the Kids

It's no secret, children thrive on routine and structure. They also need physical activity, for more reasons that you may realize. This time is hard and finding that routine and structure during this time makes it even more complicated. But its a must, and so is being active.

What if I told you that committing to some exercise or physical activity per day could drastically improve your child's focus, attention and over all wellness?  Research says that 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day is optimal for child development and mental wellness. It improves Gross motor development, balance, flexibility, endurance and Cognitive benefits.

The physical benefits of exercise are great but it's actually the cognitive benefits of exercise that make it worthwhile to do a workout with your kids.  Its improves self-regulation, reduces hyperactivity and fidgeting, improves focus, decreases anxiety and boots mood.

Basically, exercise positively influences neurotransmitters in the brain.  This improves the brain's functions which heightens the ability to process new information and improves sensory integration.
So if you're going to do a workout with your kids, its got to be fun or chances are they won't want to do it.

Here is a a great workout for you all!!!
Get some water, music, and an interval timer (I use a simple app on my phone) and Have fun with it!