**EDITED **Crazy days.... whats next for FitMod!

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Hello all! Its been a crazy couple days and I needed to just sit back for few and come up with a plan on how and what I wanted to do during this time. Things are changing in our world daily. And how that effects my family and my business, as yours is as well, is all uncertain and that is scary.

I have never been one to stand in front of a camera and record workouts. Those videos you see online are professionals with access and ability to edit that I just don't have. And I have had a hard time trying to figure out what I want to put out into the world, in raw form, that would still honor my brand and what I stand for.

While I love videos of workouts, there is a huge push in the video and online world that actually goes against "real life" Personal Trainers. If you haven't seen the ads they all basically say to not have a Personal Trainer in a fitness facility because you can get everything you need right at home. Its killing my industry of face to face true interaction and I am not a believer in that. I feel VERY strongly that there is a DEEP serious importance to face to face personal training. With every client I have, the second they walk through the doors I have a personal connection with them. I see if they are struggling. I see if they are ready to kill it, and I see how I should mold their session for what is going on in their life at that time. There are times where I have had to take 5 minutes and talk with them. To either guide them with life troubles for a minutes or tell them that they got this and lets kick some ass.

Watching a video doesn't do that. It doesn't fix the mixture and importance that exercise isn't just physical..... its mental. THAT is what FitMod! is about. I don't have a tag line of "Make your inner and outer strength match" for just shits and giggles... its because its 100% true, and 100% what I have created FitMod! to be.

That said, I have been heart broken the past few days. Not because of money and loss of revenue, not because there is a high chance I can lose my business I worked my ass off to get. BUT because I have a connection with every single person that walks through these doors. I am heartbroken that due to the mandated shutdown my clients will lose what they have worked so hard to achieve mentally and physically. For many, the gym is their safe place, their mental wellness and I will say it, their anti-depressant.

I have built a wonderful community here at FitMod! and I am so blessed to have so many amazing people connected here. So I sit here and am coming up with a million ideas how we can all stay connected, how i can honor my brand, and figure out how can I help my community. In the meantime:

  • Support LOCAL businesses.....while you still can. Our town isn't just small business its mom and pop shops. From the Morning Owl to Roys to Milan Coney.....we are all mom and pop shops. SO support them if you can. McDonalds will still be there when this is all over.... so support non chain places. Buy gift cards, donate if you can, whatever you can do. I saw a post that said.... all these local businesses have supported thousands into this community, from Youth Athletics, to dance and drama, to sponsoring classrooms and more.... now we need your help. I can't say it enough how thankful we are though for everybody in this town for the outreach and love and support. It does not go un-noticed.

  • I will be posting videos as much as I can with the help of a couple close friends. SO, go to my Instagram @Fitmod_48160 and subscribe to it.....there are already a couple videos up 
  • I am going to be posting some challenges we can all do body weight wise. In the past I have been very fond of these challenges... its something small you can do everyday and watch your progress grow!
  • I will also be posting some kettlebell workouts and Tabata workouts in written form. If you have music like Amazon Prime you can look up music to go with these workouts. 
  • Emily from Prepped & Plated and I have a Food and Fitness Challenge on the books for APRIL 18th. If we need to change this date I will keep you posted. If you would like to sign up for this challenge you can do so Now. Please go to link above for more information. You can send payment via Venmo (@TimileeVaughn) or Paypal.
We will be taking this all day by day.... I wish everybody great health, positive vibes, love and if there is anything you need please reach out to me no matter what. We are all in this together.

Timilee Vaughn