No Matter What!!!!

No matter what, don't let anything stop you from your goals.  There will be road blocks. There will be moments you want to give up. There will be days you don't wanna and have a tantrum like a 5 year old. But just keep going.

Full disclosure... this year has been hard for me. And a million reasons that have stopped me from doing my own training. Every time I started back up something happened. Knee issues, Lupus, RA, Lupus induced Kidney Disease. You name it... but I realized a million things during this time off and getting back on track.

1. NEVER stop starting over.
2. Sugar is an addiction and will effect horribly on everything....Mood, Weight, Workouts, Joint Pain...
3. You need to have a plan....with out a plan you will fail. You will half fast your workouts and get defeated quickly. So come up with a plan or hire someone to help you.
4. Dont just plan your workout, plan your eating too
5. Stay positive and focused. Just because you have a set back doesn't mean you quit all together.
6. If youre just beginning or starting over; START SMALL. Baby steps. Don't go full throttle.
7. Find support. Friends, family, significant other....someone that not only will hold you accountable to hit the gym but also emotional support.
8. Find music that inspires you.
9. Find something that will keep you active that you love. Lifting weights isn't for everybody, classes aren't for everybody, so get a bike, go for a walk (daily), run, hike.... I don't care what it is, just do it and do it daily.
10. Breathe. Find a time to be in the moment and do some self care. 10 Minutes of taking time to yourself to relax and take some deep breaths will help. Take that time and write out some goals. Take that time to  regain focus.

We all struggle. We all find it hard to get back on track or keep going. And there a million reasons to stop us.  DON'T let it stop you. 


Because working out has so may benefits, moving your body will do wonders not only for your body, but your mind and soul. 

I can't tell you how good I have felt getting back on track. I can't tell you how much better I feel already just a few weeks in.  I started following an eating plan. I started off slow with my workouts and am now back to training with weights again. My body is changing already, my mind is clearer and I am less fatigued, I have less aches in my joints, and over all I know that I don't have a choice anymore but to workout and eat right.  My life depended on this change.

Does that mean I won't have a set back? No of course I will. Just because I am a Personal Trainer doesn't mean I won't fall myself.  But I owe it to myself, my clients and members, to my Daughter and Boyfriend to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!

Lupus-RA-will not defeat me!  My mind and addiction to sugar will not defeat me. I  will not let anything defeat me. I will keep going. I will forgive myself for set back but I will not give up.  AND NEITHER WILL YOU!!!

I just started a Youtube channel..... check it out:) I will be posting more coming up... but for now there are " Song challenges" on there that I created (thanks to my girl Angela for demonstrating).