I did it before, I can do it again.

Here is my plan and goals: Even a trainer needs to be held accountable and struggles. I am not perfect, I am human. I struggle.  Here is my accountability! 

Day1/Week 1  March 8th 

Goals: Lose 30lbs by June 1st
          Lose Total 67 lbs to reach goal. 

The Plan: 
5am-6pm            Herbalife shake with added protein (pdm) and LiftOff
                                          OR  300 Calories or about 9 WWpoints

11am-12pm         Herbalife Shake with PDM
                                           OR 200-300 Calories about 8 WWpoints

1pm and 2pm      Protein Beverage Mix
                                          OR 100 Calorie snack about 1-2 WW points

5pm and 6pm      Dinner-High Protein, low carb, high veggies
                                         500-600 Calories or 10points give or take.


 Work out Plan: 4 Days a week

 Sundays Yoga at 8am and Weight Training
Tuesday and Thursday at 10am Weight Training
Off Days, Treadmill HIIT Program and Biking outside when weather is nice.


March 8th, 2019
Made it through day 1. Whew that was hard. I am following the Plan above, but tracking in Weight Watchers as well. Just wanted to be sure I was good.  I have Herbalife at home (Formula 1) and Liftoff, and protein Beverage mix....so I was able to cut cost a little.

5am (9 points): 1Cup 2% Milk mixed with 2 scoops of Formula One and added Herbalifes Protein Drink Mix. (PDM) for an added weight watcher point. I also made Tea and added a Lift Off Tablet for my wake me the F UP! lol.  I had these at 5am.  I really felt hungry by about 10 but had to hold off until 11am because I was training clients.  I drank lots of water.

11am (8 Points):  Went to my local Herbalife Smothie Shop Oasis on Main and got a Smoothie with Added PDM.... it was Banana Nut Muffin.... and SO GOOD. Comes with a small tea so saved that for later.

2pm(2 Points): I was actually a little hungry so I mixed Herbalife Protein Beverage mix with the tea I had saved and added another liftoff. I was tired more than usual.   I was on my break from clients from 11 until 3 So I knew I needed something to get me through to dinner....this is the hardest part of my day. I find I am exhausted from Training clients in the morning that I am slugish around 12-1 so I have had a tendency to go for crap during this time.  I normally take this break in my day to do chores, clients plans, class plans, bookkeeping or Cleaning the Studio. But also I try to take a small nap.  Normally my body due to Lupus and RA, starts to hurt and takes a bit to get going again. If rest a little then I am better off to get through the rest of my day.
Headed off to 3pm Client with a little help of some LiftOff.

4-5pm: Went Grocery Shopping and picked up some snack type items and healthy meals to cook for dinner for the next couple days.  Got some lunch meat and a great 1point (WW) Tortilla. Realized that Yogurt while great protein is A LOT of points. Going to have to do research on that. Picked up some bars and Fruits and Veggies.

6pm. Dinner (6 WW Points):  Egg Roll Bowl.  I sort of made this up a while ago. I first cook Ground turkey, Garlic and Ginger, and sesame seed oil  then add Cabbage (I get the bags of Coleslaw with carrots), add about 2 T of soy sauce, green onion and just cook till the cabbage is tender.  Then SMASH it!  Veggies are free and turkey and oil is the only thing WW points I had to count.

I had a couple points left and didn't want to be too far under so I had some Pirates Booty for 4 points as a snack around 8pm. Probably shouldn't have done that and had something else, but I was in a snacking mood and it was better than having desert or something that would have ruined my hard work all day. lol.

All in all, challenging but successful first day.  Here's to many more. lol

March 12

I have been on plan and doing GREAT.  It's been a change for sure. But I swear the only way that I have been successful the past 4ish days is that I literally scheduled out my eating. No joking. I think that If I had just wing'd it and not written down aprox times I have a shake or eat, I would be just un-mindfully eating or snacking.

My days are long, but more so I get up so damn early  (3:45a) and I go to bed between 8pm-9pm.  I work 6-7 days a week like this.  But honestly eating first think in the morning hasn't been my top priority in the past, and with having clients from 5am-11am straight it was no good.  I use to find myself STARVING by the time It was 8-9isn and couldn't do anything about it because I was training clients, so energy would drop, or I wouldn't feel that great. Then would stuff my face at lunch time. Such a HORRIBLE cycle. And not good for my metabolism either. So, writing out a schedule of aprox when I should eat or have a shake has worked really well. And also breaking down the calorie count for each meal too.

I did start training again on Sunday and was happy with my 1RM (One Rep Max). I had to figure out where I was so that I could start my 5/3/1 Wendler program again for lifting. I use this program or variance of with all my clients. He is amazing and I will talk more about him in a different post, but feel free to check out his site: https://jimwendler.com/

I think the BIGGEST thing the past few days has been my mood and energy.  SO much more energy and I feel more awake and less down.  That has done wonders for my soul.

More to come!